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Highest-grossing Disney films adjusted for inflation (x)

(Marvel movies not included)

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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

Well I hope you fucking win because this is a win!

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This is the house that they say inspired the story of Disney’s UP. It’s in Ballard, Seattle. And yes, it’s in the middle of a huge shopping mall because of Edith Macefield.

When developers knocked on Edith Macefield’s door, bribing her with a million dollars to bulldoze her little home and its surroundings so they could plop a mall in its place, she declined the offer with this solid statement: 

"Where would I go? I don’t have any family and this is my home. My mother died here, on this very couch. I came back to America from England to take care of her. She made me promise I would let her die at home and not in some facility, and I kept that promise. And this is where I want to die. Right in my own home. On this couch." 

And so they built the mall around her house. Shockingly enough, the construction chief, Barry Martin, found himself building more than just a mall, but also a friendship with Edith Macefield. 

Barry Martin looked after Edith Macefield until she died of cancer at the age of 87. She ended up willing her home to him. Barry Martin not only fixed the home’s walls and windows up, but is also working on making it a memorial and locals have come to support with a “Macefield Music Festival.”  

These are the kind of amazing stories happening around the world that inspire the even more amazing stories that we learn to love and tell around the world through things such as Disney movies.

Get out there. Get inspired. Share your story.  

Glen Coco

So, wait, not only is Up a movie of which the entire female cast is either fridged, female because of babies, or a final scene cameo, but the real-life owner and protector of the house that inspired the movie is a woman while the in-movie person is a man.

Surprisingly, I’m not impressed by Disney’s choices here.

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the next disney movie


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Men of color and the Disney characters they have played

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These are my extremely quick “fan” made designs for the upcoming Disney movie “Moana”.

Stop. There is a reason why “fan” is in quotations.

I am not a fan. I am full of dread. Disney is about to tackle a Polynesian princess and that terrifies me.

For one, I am so angry at all of the fanmade designs I have seen. The sexy stereotyped Polynesian designs that somehow condenses hundreds of different cultures into a tube top and a a ti-leaf skirt.

Do you have any idea how offensive that is. That would be like making Mulan and saying “Hey she’s Asian, let’s throw her in a yukata”. Do you know how offensive it is that people think that Polynesian is a singular race? Hint: Massively.

I picked four cultures out of the vastness of Polynesia and each design is clearly different from the next. Each design is 100% endemic to the culture it is from, and it’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

We are not a homogenized area of the world. We have different languages, traditions, and ways of life. We are not all the same. We are not coconut bras and grass skirts. We never needed compasses. We are celestial navigators - it hasn’t died out. We journeyed across the Pacific using the stars and waves to guide us. We perfected aquaculture and sustainable living. Our heritages are rich and varied and beautiful.

We are not a tube top and a ti-leaf skirt. We are not an indistinguishable fabric swathed on brown bodies with random flowers in our hair. Stop fetishizing us! You have the internet at your discretion, and this is the best you can come up with?

Secondly, the fact that Moana will be dealing with mythology in Polynesia makes me want to crumple up and cry. It angers me to no end that people keep playing fast and loose with things they think are obsolete. Most of us still believe in our Gods (myself included). My family has a heiau, as recent as one generation ago my family has stories of conversing with Gods. Yet, people act like it’s fair game. Last I checked if anyone made retcons to the undead carpenter millions threw a shitfit, but because we are a marginalized people our beliefs are not allowed some respect?

It makes me angry and I won’t apologize for it. It makes me angry that when I call out other minorities for falsely portraying or marginalizing my culture (and the cultures of my fellow Polynesians) I get the “well I’m a minority too so I’m excused”. That is the worst offense, when people who should know better still treat you like an obsolete toy to be bandied about as characters.

We are indigenous people and we deserve respect. We deserve for people to care about our culture. For people to be afraid that the nightmare which created whitewashed Pocahontas might happen to us. If you call yourself an ally, or self-aware, I demand that you fear for us. I beg that you question what may happen in the wake of what Disney has been spewing out. Don’t be part of the base that turns Moana into nothing more than a token.

We were too young to stop Pocahontas from being made. We are not too young to afflict a change and prevent it from happening again. Signal boost my words, or write your own. Do something. Don’t let a movie go out across the world that could damage those that have already taken heavy hits. Don’t be compliant, don’t be silent. Don’t DO that I beg you. I am begging you on my knees, I grovel to you.

Don’t condense our cultures to an easy stereotype. Don’t let our stories become distorted for entertainment. Fight for good writing, fight for good designs. Fight for a movie you would be proud to watch. Give us something more than a rebellious teen who is Polynesian simply because they say she is.

Please. Please. With all my heart, a’ohe hana nui ka alu’ia. No task is too big when done together.

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Some screenshots of what is to be Disney Pixar’s untitled “Dia de los Muertos” Movie currently in the process. (She kind of looks like Rapunzel and Elsa from an Angle) 



Ugh, fuck disney. Not only are they continuing their racist history of appropriation and profit, their depictions are always white washed. If these are actually images of the possible movie, it just looks like some overdone goth princess film to appease all those wannabe dark/goth teens. 



Fucking Christ. I swear if they make it all about white people…


So this is why they wanted to trademark the term Dia de los Muertos.

*jetpacks off the planet*


I think this is actually from an unrelated animation test by a different studio ?

It’s from this video:

The video is a hair shading… demo, I suppose? But it is from Disney Animation. This character appears at the beginning. Based on the video’s credits, which refer to her as ‘flamenco dancer,’ it seems possible that this could be a character in the movie.

I can’t find any source on whether this is an early concept for the movie, other than a single youtube comment saying it is(and you know… Youtube comment), so I don’t know what to make of it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was what they went with.

the OP deleted their post, there are raging anti-SJers in the notes as well as a bunch of pissed off Latin@s and the video was made in 2010 and released in 2012 onto youtube. A ‘flamenco’ dancer being a yt blonde girl still is annoying to me and it’s still possible it could be related to the DDLM movie…. /sighs and slides hands down face

totally FUBAR

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Well yeah, g***y is a slur, but how else is Disney supposed to explain what Esmeralda is? Nobody knows what g***ies call themselves. If you say to a kid, ‘oh, it’s a g***y,’ they’ll know what you’re talking about. It’s just the way things are.

Sophomore English major

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Ok, this is a true story. I’m teaching the book Holes right now. One of the characters (Madame Zeroni) is referred to as a Gy*sy in the book a few times. 

So I took a moment to comment on how that’s a really outdated and not good way to refer to Romani people.

I had a student who was confused. Because they didn’t know that Romani were real people. They honestly believed that “Gy*sies* were fictional like witches or wizards. 

I literally had to tell a child that Romani are REAL PEOPLE. 

Yeah. Those stereotypical portrayals of Romani do have real affects on people. 

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"Walt Disney’s grandniece Abigail Disney — a filmmaker, scholar and social activist — addressed Streep’s comments last Friday on her Facebook page, according to The Hollywood Reporter. ”If you are going to have mixed feelings about a family member (and we all do) take it from me, you really need to be as honest as possible about those feelings, or else you are going to lead yourself into many a blind alley in life!!” she wrote.

She continued her candid views about Walt Disney, who is the subject of the current film Saving Mr. Banks, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

"… Anti-Semite? Check. Misogynist? OF COURSE!! Racist? C’mon he made a film (Jungle Book) about how you should stay ‘with your own kind’ at the height of the fight over segregation! As if the ‘King of the Jungle’ number wasn’t proof enough!! How much more information do you need?" Abigail wrote. “But damn, he was hella good at making films and his work has made billions of people happy. There’s no denying it,” she added.

In another Facebook post, Abigail explained her position further. "I feel I have to clarify. I LOVED what Meryl Streep said. I know he was a man of his times and I can forgive him, but Saving Mr Banks was a brazen attempt by the company to make a saint out of the man."
lmao his own flesh and blood is less of a disney apologist than some people on this site

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Disney movies– color meme

↳ 1. Mulan (1998) + pink

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