RE: this post about not coloring in characters’ skin on “doodles” or sketches

I’ve also come to believe that it’s whitewashing.

even the traditions that we have for drawing now are full of whiteness and racism

because there’s definitely times and cultures where people draw on other colors of paper

the italian renaissance was on brown paper (with red pencil)

many asian cultures traditionally were and are on yellow rice paper

but white is prized now and white paper is what we see everywhere

and people assume that it’s the base of a drawing, building from whiteness with their lines

and then the skin tone is assumed from that base

because white skin is ‘normal”

(and I can’t dissect the relationship between the white paper or the ideal of whiteness of skin but they are so intertwined)


so many artist feels about this

people who whine about “IT’S JUST A DOODLE” need to consider that they think that white backgrounds letting white show through their lines is what is considered normal and appropriate.


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    People are stupid as fuck. You’ve obviously never seen a white person if you think we look like white paper
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    Yes, white paper is white because many media are or can be transparent to some degree, so having white shine through...
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    ^^ thank you! The previous arguments were completely ridiculous.
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    So what does it mean when most toilet paper is white?
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    i…don’t…i mean…what? i mean i don’t want to be like THAT’S NOT RACIST without a POC weighing in but i really feel like...
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    This is like when someone argued that an artist coloring their own description of their depression black was racist. As...
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    tumblr in a nutshell
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    Wait… this person...for real? I seriously thought they were
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    Troll in the dungeon! … Please?
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    What the fuck did I just read?
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    uh not to mention there’s more to ethnicity than skin colour like if you can’t tell what ethnicity a character is...
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    Most sketches are contour drawings. Outlines only. I am not exactly sure what is expected here? That using white paper...
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    It’s a conspiracy by the paper production companies to force whiteness on school children through their own doodles. It...
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    …Did you just pull the “Asians r yellow" shit? Seriously?
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    u 5serious? i go to art school, too. white paper isn’t racist. theres this weird phenomena where, like, paper with less...
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