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Drea & Kathy - 20 - Paris


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ok, farewell until a more civilized hour

Still from The Mindy Project finale “Danny and Mindy” airing May 6th

Still from The Mindy Project finale “Danny and Mindy” airing May 6th

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i accidentally stumbled onto a playlist of ‘angry females pump up' that's 9 hours and 58 minutes long

that’s 10 hours of angry music

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and you know how consent should be case-by-case, moment-by-moment in sexual situations? that’s how it should work in discussions. just because i was willing to give you a little bit at the beginning does not mean that i’m committing to your entire education as an obviously rather clueless yt person.

i always have the right to say, ‘i’m done,’ whether or not you agree.

i will center my discussions on what i want to talk about as a person of color, not on what yt people want to talk about. so if you’re complaining to yourself about how much i’m posting about this when i ‘could have been educating that poor soul and gotten them to my side’ or some blather like that, you’re wrong. and you’re treating me as a commodity. your depersonalization of me is not appreciated.

i could be writing some more ‘dystopian poc babies’ fic right now but your yt friend and their ally ruined that.

(it’s really sad to me when people not-white are allies to yt people about racial issues. like. so the opposite of what should be happening.)

like, you try to tell a yt person, ‘no, i don’t want to educate you’ and it takes almost as long to make them stop bothering you as actually educating them would have

boundaries really are a hard concept. :/

I really wanna know what “civilization” the “Vikings” in HTTYD is based on because it is definitely not scandinavian in any way. The only “viking” in the movie is like the boats and not so much more.

it’s fantasy fun world, and fantasy fun world needs some people who aren’t white

bluandorange replied to your post “So instead of taking to the story background

'done appropriately' what does that even mean

only when it does not upset yt people, i guess. but if a yt person even notices that it’s happened, it’s gone too far. and apparently there are enough people not-white who are willing to defend the sad, upset yt people on it.

i’m in the teaching profession in my ‘real life’ meatspace job. i am NOT in the teaching profession on tumblr. and my priority, as stated on my blog header, is for women of color.

you lucked out that i even told you what to google.

like, you admit that you hadn’t been reading my blog when you reblogged my post. if you really want to know why i didn’t like your response, you can always read the blog that i’ve been writing for over 3 years and see all the posts that are free for you to read. you can get that context that you so desperately need. my blog isn’t blanked out like some people’s on tumblr. i’m not blocking you from seeing my perspective. i just do not have the time or energy to teach you shit.

and when you ignore me saying that i am being exhausted by your questions and do not want to personally educate you, i know that i can’t trust you to respect me in any ‘discussion’ we might have.

solidgoldmagikarp asked: Uh, it's been 30 mins and you've posted a couple other things, so I'm just gonna guess you missed my reply. I just want to know what you mean by 'yt supremacist'. I tried googling it, but it just came up with music videos. So... could you please explain?





'yt supremacist' is shorthand for 'white supremacist'. don't worry, all white people in colonized/colonizer nations tend to be. it's not good but it's something you can work on.

as for the points you were missing in the post, look up ‘importance of media representation of people of color’ for starters. also ‘institutionalized racism’ and ‘racist stereotypes of east asian men.’

I can understand being called a ‘white supremacist’ (which I can assure you I’m not) for disagreeing with someone casting a canonically Scandinavian character as Asian (I didn’t realize the purpose of your blog was to racebend since there wasn’t any indication of it on the post when it showed up on my dash, and I don’t follow your blog).

But I’m a little confused as to why you thought it important to tell me to google racist stereotypes of east asian men? I wasn’t sterotyping anything. I was just stating a canon fact.

In the context of racebending I think that the guy you picked is actually really great as far as looks go (I don’t know him so I don’t know how good an actor he is).

Edit: I also want to thank you for your civility.

go google some more, including ‘tone-policing,’ ‘model-minority,’ and ‘stop bothering me about this.’ i don’t want to educate you on this. i’ve given you plenty of resources to see why the post that i made has value and why being repeatedly asked about this is exhausting to me.

Er… What? Are you tone policing or am I? The only mention of tone was me thanking you for being civil. I know a lot of people who would have taken what I asked and called me white scum or something. I’m also not sure what model minority has to do with anything?

You haven’t given me any resources at all. You told me to google things, and I did, but I didn’t really understand what google was telling me, and so I came to you for clarification? I just want to understand, and you made yourself out to be someone who wanted me to understand so I figured you could help me out.

And I don’t mean to be rude, or a bother. I just thought you wouldn’t mind me asking for clarification since you were kind enough to explain what yt supremacy meant.

keep googling, or find a blog on tumblr to read. not wanting to educate you. this conversation is over.

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knightlambi asked: So instead of taking to the story background and an entire civilization that it's based on, you're going to just call people white supremacists? You're free to racebend a character to your heart's content, but you can't call people something because they point out that it's still changing the character's race. And just so you're aware, I'm not white and I greatly appreciate minority representation when it's done appropriately.

if you’re aligning yourself with yt supremacy and attacking me with tone policing, how are you not acting as a yt supremacist right now

(you can be not-white but not be acting in solidarity and that’s what you’re doing right now)